Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ouma's Christmas Market

Today had a very strong Christmas theme in our family made up of lots of Christmas shopping and an early family Christmas dinner as we're going to be away over Christmas.  Ouma, my mom, is a resident at the Buffelsfontein Retirement Village and they also had their Christmas market today.  Ouma has always been very good at knitting and crochet and had a huge variety of things on her table. 

Her wares included finger puppets, Christmas tree decorations, Father Christmas dolls, long legged clowns, coasters, doilies, beanies and so much more, all at really cheap prices.  I was very disappointed at the turnout though as not many people stopped by, but a lot of the blame should land on the shoulders of those who organised the day and did very little to no effort to promote it.  Anyhow, if you're ever looking for any crocheted items for gifts, you know who to ask.  

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  1. Hi Jonker, I much prefer this type of stall to the ones that are taking over markets nowadays: those selling real junk and Chinese plastic items from Excitement and R5 stores. Have a great day. Jo