About PE Daily Photo

The history of Port Elizabeth Daily Photo

Port Elizabeth Daily Photo was started on 7 November 2007 by Max (of The Max Files fame) and Sue Hoppe who was collectively known on the blog as SAM.  It was a labour of love to the city and many current and ex-Port Elizabethans got their daily Port Elizabeth fix through their combined camera lenses.  With their 500th post approaching, Max and Sue felt that it was time to call it a day.  Knowing his absolute passion for Port Elizabeth, they decided to approach Jonker Fourie (Firefly), a long time PEDP follower and travel blogger in his own right with his blog The Firefly Photo Files, to take over and continue PEDP rather than closing it down.  Without hesitation Firefly accepted, took over the blog on 15 March 2009 and is still bringing visitors to the blog their daily Port Elizabeth fix.  Over the years Port Elizabeth Daily Photo has become the premier online reference guide to attractions, natural and historic sites in and around the city and will endeavour to continue to do so in the future.

If you would like to see any specific place or attraction around the city, please let me know and I will try and pop by to get a picture to post.

How to be featured in a post

If you would like your attraction, restaurant, guest-house, event or anything else featured in a post, contact me on fireflyafrica@telkomsa.net.  I don’t ask for payment for posts, but I would appreciate it if you issue me an invitation to visit your attraction, stay at your guest-house, eat at your restaurant, come to your event or take part in your activity at no expense.  As I tend to take a lot of photographs where ever I go and thus often do more than one post, you will receive fair exposure in exchange for the value by being featured on the blog.  You will benefit in these four ways:

1.  You will get direct exposure for your brand amongst my readership and even though the visit is sponsored the posts stay impartial and honest and won't be an advertorial.

2.  The chances are good that pictures of the destination / activity / establishment will also be posted on The Firefly Photo Files.

3.  Port Elizabeth Daily Photo links to a number of Facebook pages and profiles as well as Twitter profiles.

4.  If you have a website of your own, I will insert a link to your website / Facebook page from the posts featuring your product.

Please note that this blog site is published in my personal capacity and all opinions expressed are my own. It does not necessarily represent the views of my employer and is not sponsored or endorsed by them.