Monday, February 18, 2008

View from the Donkin Reserve

This is a different view of the Donkin reserve looking towards the Hill Presbetarian Church and the historical homes on the Donkin Terrace.

We plan to do a series on what is happening to this historical area that is such an integral part of the Port Elizabeth heritage.


  1. That's such a lovely view of the church and surrounding buildings. The series sounds like a very interesting project.

    Re: size of photos, how much have you used up of your Blogger quota? I've published close to 300 posts and at least 800 large photos (average 300 KB each) and so far I've only used 21% of the quota.

  2. fenix... we haven't used up much of the quota yet, but are conscious of how fast it goes, because on my personal blog I am up to 78% after just over a year.... in the beginning I wasn't aware that there was a quota, and went mad publishing photos, so now i have to be very careful. With the rand /dollar exchange rate, purchasing once it is used up gets a bit heavy! And on this account we have 2 daily blogs, so are being a bit cautious. On the "in the beginning" post I uploaded at the original 700kb and changed the html code to 720, but i see they do not click to enlarge, no idea why!

  3. Could I suggest that you take a series of photos of the 5 houses in Havelock Square? They are all well maintained and a prime example of Victorian architecture.