Thursday, December 2, 2010

Braai time

Summer is here and with it the opportunity to participate in one of South Africa's favorite pastimes. Its BRAAI time! "Braai" is the Afrikaans word for barbecue and "vleis" is meat.  Braaivleis is best done on open coals and not on a gas braai, although it is accepted as a lesser alternative.  With the summer holidays around the corner and South Africans heading to the coast (or bush... or mountains... or desert...) there will be lots of braai'ing done by the time January comes around.  My braai on Saturday consisted of fillet steak, bbq flavoured chicken drumsticks, boerewors (farmer's sausage - not that such an English word exist) and the foil under the grid contained mushrooms for the cheese and mushroom steak sauce.


  1. Thats not fair while I sit here in snowy England, I can just smell the smoke from those wors blowing under my nose!!! I have just had to make myself some hot toast to stop my mouth from watering:-) Diane

  2. I LOVE barbeque. Omigoodness...! Those look delicious...!

    You have stolen our sunshine.

    I was just looking over your past posts. South Africa is so beautiful, no wonder my mother loved it so much...!

  3. You're making me hungry!

  4. Regarding your comment on my blog - sadly we are not coming to the berg this year - its a stay-at-home year. But enjoy your new year camping trip - I am envious! The berg is my husband's spiritual home he says - he spend many days hiking there as a student at Wits.