Monday, February 27, 2012

Perfect evening on the Town Lodge deck

The movers and shakers in the tourism industry in Port Elizabeth were invited to a function at the Town Lodge on the beachfront last week for the introduction of the new ceo of Ectour.  But that's not what the post is about.  The function took place on the Town Lodge's deck overlooking Humewood Beach in absolutely perfect weather.  Port Elizabeth is often called the Windy City.  The reason for that is that we do get a fair amount of wind during the summer and unfortunately for us that is when most visitors come to the city.  Hence they think we have wind all year around.  That isn't true though.  This time of year the wind starts to pack its bags for a holiday elsewhere and from now until about late June we actually have stunning weather.  The best time to visit the city me thinks.  But I am digressing.  Sitting out on the deck enjoying the view and good company, we all just realised again why we love Port Elizabeth so much.

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