Monday, April 2, 2012

Cafe Ruwach

Richmond Hill has truly become one of the "in" places around Port Elizabeth and looking at the restaurants, cafes and pubs in the area it isn't hard to understand why.  A week or so ago a friend asked me if I've ever been to Cafe Ruwach and on answering no we headed over there straight away for a look.  Cafe Ruwach isn't just an ordinary... Well, it isn't ordinary.  As you enter they have a sign stating the following: "We are not a restaurant, nor a steakhouse or a coffee shop.  We are a cafe'.  A place to socialise with good friends and good food.  Our menu and tastes change often".  And that is what it is.  Actually I would say its so much more than just a regular cafe.  Cafe Ruwach is also an art and craft gallery, boutique and a bit of an antique shop.  I don't think you will ever get bored visiting Cafe Ruwach cause there is always something new to see.