Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tanks at Schoenies

Most people enjoy Port Elizabeth's main beaches but there are the few who try to flee the crowds to their favorite hidden spots and the little "beaches" and gullies in Schoenmakerskop are amongst these.  The most popular one in Schoenies is just in front of the Sacramento Restaurant and can be reached via steps down to the beach.  The spot is called Tanks.  According to Luc Hosten of Friends of Schoenmakerskop there are two theories on where the name came from.  The first one is that apparently large water storage tanks once stood in the area to store water from the springs and the second one is that a tank washed up from a nearby shipwreck. There was a metal outlined shape at the mouth of the gully visible a few years ago - possibly from the shipwreck.  Some people also call it Nuns Pool but according to Luc the purists would point out that Nun's Pool is to the right of Tanks.

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