Thursday, June 5, 2014

Malachite Sunbird

People underestimate the Port Elizabeth area as a bird watching destination.  One example of excellent bird watching around the city is Addo Elephant National Park boats with over 450 different bird species making it not just great for elephant and game watching, but also for our feathered friends.  I caught this pic of a Malachite Sunbird on a game drive in the park a little while back.
The adult male is metallic green when breeding, with blackish-green wings.  In non-breeding plumage, the male's upperparts are brown apart from the green wings and tail, the latter retaining the elongated feathers.  The female has brown upperparts and dull yellow underparts with some indistinct streaking on the breast.  The Malachite Sunbird is found in South Africa in hilly fynbos (including protea stands as well as areas with aloes) and cool montane and coastal scrub, up to 2,800m altitude.


  1. You have a plethora of Sunbirds in your part of the world, Jonker, and I'm jealous! You also have the Cape Sugarbird which is spectacular! What a beautiful photo of this Malachite. I feel quite homesick for SA!

  2. they are spectacular birds, sometimes visiting our garden especially the Melianthus.