Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Lizard Lounge

In the old historic Central area of the city, old meets new, as a settlers cottage becomes a hip cafe and jazz club. Previously known as the Lizard Lounge, the metal gates were custom made to suit the theme. After a change of ownership, it is more boringly known as 52 Parliament Street, but they have luckily been retained! The historic building opposite can be seen reflected in the window. A great move is being made to restore these old buildings, and retain as much of their original character as possible.


  1. That is certainly unique decor. :)

  2. Hi !
    Your catches are too wonderfull and i like to visit your town / country ...

  3. I like this place already although I like the old name more than the new name! And I do love the combination of old and new, that's always more interesting...

    (I took a photo of another Lizard Lounge but haven't posted it as I was in a different city--hmm, maybe I should sneak it in somehow?)

  4. Blue chick, we'd love to see your LL! How about you do it as an extra below your usual chicago pic and say it is included as a response to overwealming public demand (namely us!)