Thursday, November 29, 2007

Time is Tight

Remember the other day I showed you the Urban Renewal project going on in our City Centre?
Well the grand opening is scheduled for tomorrow night, with an evening street festival, live bands etc. This is how it looked when I went to pay our tax (grrrrrrrr) on Friday. With holes in the street, barricades and mess everywhere.... looks like the builders will have to shake a leg to get it ready in time! The pretty old building in the centre, with the domed clock tower, is our City Hall, which was completed in 1861, without the clock tower. The tower was removed from a church further up Main Street and added in 1884.


  1. you have a groovy place to live in, thanks for sharing and giving us a peek..
    peace, kai xx

  2. lol! I wonder, did they make the deadline?

  3. thanks, we love it!

    Ann, yes and no..... they were not quite finished, but they cleaned up and moved all the construction gear to a street round the corner, so it was usable, and no doubt they will continue next week.