Monday, September 13, 2010

Apple Express

I live fairly close to the narrow guage line that is used by the Apple Express and can normally hear it when it goes by on a Saturday morning. The historic Apple Express narrow gauge train offers day trips to Loerie as well as 3 day trips to Kareedouw in the Langkloof. Construction on this historic line commenced in 1902 and was done to connect the scenic Langkloof with its fruit growing industry to the port of Port Elizabeth. As it was used to transport apples to Port Elizabeth, the train got known as the Apple Express. The line runs over the Van Stadens Bridge, the highest narrow gauge railway bridge in the world. The Apple Express is famous for being pulled by a steam train, although a diesel locomotive is used should the fire danger risk be high due to hot, dry or windy weather.


  1. It is great to see the old trains again. I think there is narrow guage somewhere near Ixopo which must be years ago when I was there. Diane

  2. Very cool. I saw quite a few narrow gauge train ride options in ZA.