Saturday, April 2, 2011

Surfing at Pipe

On my walk along the beachfront the other day there were a couple of surfers out at Pipe at Polock Beach.  Surfing is one of the sports that I have never tried.  I do body surfing with a "surf gun" attached to my hand, but have never done it on a surf board.  Its days like this that I wish I had a nice fast camera with a really long lense to capture these shots properly.


  1. Tried body surfing once and didn't enjoy being scraped across the sand. What's a surf gun?

  2. Great photo Jonker!
    I prefer this photo to the more “professional” Fast shot. Once a person sees those super shots you are just not sure if it is an original or if it has been threw Photo Shop.
    Anyway just keep them coming, Port Elizabeth is the Water Sport Capital of South Africa.

  3. Lovely action shot. My nieces and nephews are keen surfers and lifesavers and it seems that it takes hold of your life! Sometimes I can see why, but I am too scared of sharks to ever be comfy in the sea.