Monday, December 12, 2011

IRB 7's action

On Friday and Saturday (9 and 10 December 2011) the South African leg of the IRB 7's World Series took place at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium for the first time.  Getting the 7's to the city was a big scoop and the action on and off the field didn't disappoint.  The event truly lived up to it's billing as "Rugby's Biggest Party".  Below are a couple of snaps I took from both next to the field as well as the media tribune at the top of the stadium.  In the main picture the Blitzbokke (South Africa in green) is playing France in the quarter finals.  New Zealand eventually beat South Africa in the last couple of seconds of the final.


  1. Exciting stuff! Well done to PE for hosting it.

  2. The 7's event was great for PE, however let it be known that the security at the gates need a lot to be desired. After reading the rules on the fence, it appeared as if we could take our own water in. Some were allowed, others not. Then the food was really a poor show at exorbitant prices. C'mon guys, the tickets cost an arm and a leg, cut the spectators some slack and learn to be more professional.

  3. Anothermouse, thanks for the comment. One question though. Why did you choose to vent on my photo blog? It has no affiliation to the Stadium, the NMB Municipality, EP Rugby, SA Rugby or the IRB? My blog is here to share with people the beauty of the Bay. If you want to complain, contact the parties involved directly cause they won't see your complaint here.