Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The place to be this time of year

The places to hang out this time of year around Port Elizabeth is the coastline with the beaches along the city's main beachfront being the most popular.  One of the busiest beaches tend to be Hobie Beach with the Boardwalk across the road and a lot of other eateries, the Pier and beachfront promenade right there.  Why aren't I posting a picture showing the packed beaches?  Well, as you read this I am on holiday having spent the last 10 days camping in Montagu in the Western Cape and on my way to another 9 days in Cape Town.  But even though I am away I am still diligently bringing you your daily Port Elizabeth fix.  I'll pop down to Hobie over the weekend after I get back and see if I can get you a pic of the beach full of people.