Monday, June 4, 2012

Priory Fair

Today's post is a case of better late than never.  The reason for being late is the Mohair series I posted last week which started before I downloaded the pictures I took last weekend.  Last Saturday (26 May) the annual Priory Fair took place at St Dominic's Priory.  The Priory Fair is probably the most popular school "fete" in Port Elizabeth and I am just amazed at how many people support it.  We were there early for the book sale and then took a slow walk around looking at all the stalls and exhibitors. Breakfast consisted of bacon and egg rolls and this were followed up a little bit later by caramel pancakes.  The sweets table looked extra yum and I couldn't help but depart there with a syringe full of condense milk.  I had chats at some of the stalls and exhibitors, like my friends at SAMREC, before taking Chaos Boy for a couple of rides at the fun fair.  All in all an awesome day at the Priory Fair.

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  1. What fun. It looks very English! I remember going to some similar large church fair in Cambridge in the UK. Very characterful and wonderful food and handmade things.