Friday, June 1, 2012

Starting the spinning process - Mohair series 5 of 7

Mohair on its own is nothing but wool.  Actually, people are wrong referring to it as wool. Its hair.  So for the mohair to be used in anything it needs to be first spun into yarn.  Mohair Spinners South Africa's plant is right next to the Gubb & Inggs plant in Uitenhage.  In actual fact you walk from the one into the other.  The mohair doesn't just become yarn by putting it through one machine.  Its a whole process whereby the mohair gets "twisted and stretched" (at a lack of a better way of describing it) several times before becoming yarn.


  1. As a knitter, I am so enjoying this series! This is a particularly interesting photo.

  2. Makes me feel like taking up knitting.