Friday, September 14, 2012

Bridge Street Brewery

Its Friday afternoon and the end of a tough work week.  Feel like a quick drink with some friends to celebrate the coming of the weekend before heading home?  One of the best place in town to do that is the very popular Bridge Street Brewery next to the Baakens River on Upper Valley Road.  The plan was to start out as a pub, move on to food and the open their own micro brewery.  Fortunately for us they were kinda "forced", due to popular demand, to get all of it going right from the start.  Bridge Street Brewery is run by Donovan Noyle (ex Toby Joe's) and along with master brewer Lex Mitchell (founder of Mitchell's in Knysna) they have established the city's first micro brewery alongside a establishment that will become legendary in Port Elizabeth.  They produce Pilsner (my choice of beer seen calling my name in the picture), Bitter and a Double chocolate stout which apparently is to die for.  And I'm not even much of a beer drinker.


  1. That just looks too good to be true!! And that's just the dry-stone wall I'm talking about!!
    I hope I can join you there someday to sample the wares!! ;-)

  2. P.E.'s first micro-brewery was in the harbour, this is the 2nd...