Thursday, September 27, 2012

Old cars under threat

The St Croix Motor Museum in Port Elizabeth has one of the most magnificent private collections of classic and vintage cars in South Africa.  Unfortunately this museum is under threat of closing due to the fact that the government department that owns the property doesn't want to renew the museum's lease.  The owner of the museum, Eben de Vos, is a very worried man right now as there isn't another suitable site for him to move his collection of over 60 cars to with enough space where it will be safe and secure.  The St Croix Motor Museum really is one of the city's museum gems and really need to continue to exist and I for one hope and pray that a solution to this dilemma will be found.

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  1. This government department was probably paid rent on time every time and their property kept in a better state than they would have done themselves. One cannot but wonder why and who will benefit?