Friday, October 19, 2012

Nanaga pies

After yesterday's first post about Nanaga Farm Stall you're probably wondering why all these people stop there.  There are a couple of reasons but the main reason is their pies.  Or let me say PIES.  And not just any old pies.  Proper pies.  Not those "filled with sauce and barely any meat" pies.  The pies are made on the premises from early morning and continuously right through the day.  Cheese and Bacon pies, Savoury pies, Chicken pies, Steak pies, Pepper Steak pies, Sausage Rolls, Spinach and Feta pies, Venison Pies (my personal favorite), Wild Boar pies, Cornish pies, Lamb Curry pies, Lamb and Mint pies, Turkey and Cranberry pies and their new Moroccan Chicken pies.  Need I say more?  The other nice part about the pies is that you can also buy them frozen and in a family size.  I wonder if anybody is heading out that way over the weekend who can bring me back a pie? 

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