Thursday, October 11, 2012

Unfinished freeway

The freeway off ramp on Settlers Freeway which goes nowhere.  In yesterday's post on the Green Mosque I mentioned that the mosque was due to be demolished according to the Groups Areas Act and that they wanted a freeway off ramp to run across the land.  This is how close they got to doing it.


  1. and the freeway to nowhere in Cape Town was going to whisk past the old German church.

  2. Freeways can sure destroy cities! I think they should all be vaporized.

  3. LOL - this used to be a running joke for me and my friends as students - the Road to Nowhere! Was no joke when they wanted to put the Baakens River Parkway through the city#s greenbelt though - can you imagine if instead of the Bushbuck Trail we had another freeway?! Those freeways were the worst thing PE ever did (with the possible exception of the tank farm!) - cutting off our city from the seafront in the ugliest way possible.