Friday, May 15, 2015

A Color Run video from last year

This weekend the Color Run is taking place in Port Elizabeth.  Unfortunately I don't have any more information to share with you about it.  Not that I couldn't go and look for the information but rather more a case of not being included in any of the media releases or invitations so I didn't go and look for it.  Last year I was invited to participate in the event as a blogger and even though it was a bit of a wet day we had a ball.  Check out my posts here and here.  It often amaze me how marketers and event organisers in Cape Town and Johannesburg make sure bloggers and social media influencers are included in their campaigns.  In Port Elizabeth unfortunately only traditional media gets recognized and included.  Why loose out on the audience bloggers and influencers can bring to the game?  Anyhow, I'm not here to moan today.  I am sharing a video I found of last year's event as this week's Friday Video.  Have a great weekend peeps and if you do participate in the Color Run, have a ball.

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