Sunday, November 13, 2016

Saturday morning parkrun

We've started doing the weekly Hobie Beach parkrun as a family, both to get us all active and more fitter as well as for the Discovery Vitality points.  Chaos Boy is running a lot faster than what I've ever been able to do while the Damselfly is walking it at this stage as she's not in 100% shape after her last ops yet.  Drama Princess isn't a slouch and at 11 is doing the 5 km at about the same speed I am currently doing so the two of us stuck together yesterday. I'm seriously unfit and carrying a bit too much weight around my middle, but hopefully parkrun will get me active and motivated to go and jog more often again.

Disclaimer - The photo isn't my own and was taken by a parkrun volunteer on photo duty at the Lolipop Beacon turning point.

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