Thursday, July 23, 2009

EPSAC Art Gallery

I popped into the EPSAC Art Gallery in Bird Street today to have a peak to see what the current exhibition looks like. The gallery is run by the Eastern Province Society of Fine Art and the Society's chairlady at the moment is Sue Hoppe. Sue? Some of you may say. Yes, I say. The one and only Sue who started this same Port Elizabeth Daily Photo with husband Max (hence they were known as SAM). Their 90th Annual Exhibition starts on the 6th of August and I want to head back there when its on to perhaps get a couple of pics to give it some exposure here and through some of the other online forums and social networks I am involve with.


  1. Hi Firefly, you have a wonderful country! I'll follow this blog if you don't mind.
    Take care!

  2. It's so great when connections are made. I hope to see what you post during the Exhibition.

  3. Sue is so talented! Would love to see some of the pics from the exhibition.