Thursday, November 19, 2009

Maitlands River Lagoon

The Maitlands River would never really be called a river of note, more like a local stream. But on its way to the ocean it flows through Sleepy Hollow and past the giant Maitlands sand dune. Just before it slowly flows into the ocean, it forms a small lagoon next to the dune. Usually in summer kids will splash around in it as the sea at the river mouth is a bit of a dangerous spot to swim in.


  1. that is a lovely photo of a gorgeous landscape :)

  2. I remember, over 50 years ago, going to the Maitland river mouth and skidding down the dunes on greased surf boards and trying to reach the other side by gliding on the water. I am now living in France and still remember the good old times in PE

  3. Great has a calming mood...I like the rippled could put this in Weekend Reflections meme at Newtown Area Photo.