Sunday, November 29, 2009

Toy Run

On our way home from church this morning we stopped along the way to watch the bikes taking part in the annual Toy Run go by. The Toy Run is a national initiative which takes place in all the cities and big towns around South Africa. It is the largest motorcycle charity event in the world with about 50 000 motorcycles taking part nationally. The main purpose of the event is to collect and distribute toys and gifts to less privilaged kids. All the bikers come together in one place where the toys are collected and then go on a mass ride through the city.


  1. I also "went" to watch. Well, more like got caught up in it so pulled over. It was great!

  2. Nice to see a bit of charity. Its sad to know there are so many underprivaleged kids about. I hope it gives them a bit of a lift and takes their minds off the everyday struggle to eat and survive. God bless them.