Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wholesome Market

This weekend the Wholesome Market took place for the first time at Holmeleigh Farm out on Kragga Kamma Road. The Wholesome Market takes place every first weekend of the month and after getting too big for their previous venue at Sherwood Garden Centre, the organisers decided to move to the open piece of land next to Holmeleigh Farmyard. For me the Wholesome Market has become the new Art in the Park, but without all the junk stalls. The organisers have put together an awesome variety of stalls ranging from arts and crafts and home made furniture to fresh produce, milk, bread, and baked goods.
For more information, go to Wholesome Market. The organisers can be contacted at, Phone: +27 (0)41 3662257 or Mobile: +27 (0)84 4309684.

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  1. I also think it is fantastic and have been to every one! Well done to them