Wednesday, December 2, 2009

VW Museum

The VW AutoPavilion is situated next to the VW factory in Uitenhage and probably is the biggest attraction in the town. The museum is a high-tech, interactive expo and heritage centre and takes you on a journey through history with the cars that defined the past and inspire the future. I'm not a "car fanatic" like some guys, but I do enjoy visiting the museum every now and then. I haven't taken Chaos Boy yet cause I'm not ensured for museum exhibits, but I'm sure I'll take him there quite soon for him to experience it as well.


  1. Hm, it looks like it's got a good mix of old cars and new cars. It provides a bit of history on the cars and automobiles in general. It's like seeing a bunch of dinosaurs, slowly evolving to the animals we are familiar with.

    Anyways, is there anyone there who can provide a bit of history and info about the cars? Is there a chance to test drive some of them, perhaps? XD

  2. @Angelica, unfortunately you can't testdrive any cars at the museum. Its a good idea though