Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I popped down to the Schoenmakerskop village market last weekend to stock up on my favorite marmalade. I don't like the normal bitter marmalades and the lady who has this specific stand has a couple of sweet marmalade varieties in addition to the bitter ones. Suddenly I feel like toast and marmalade...


  1. I am not one who enjoys marmalade. However I must state that the preparation and craft of making marmalade or jam is time consuming and takes great skill. The vendor has gone through great effort to make the product presentable and enticing. I do enjoy the colours which you have captured and reproduced. Makes me want to eat honey and toast.

  2. Oh Yum! Hope there's still some left when I get there.

    7 days left.

  3. Mmm .. toast and marmalade .. love it!!! I favour the bitter one though ... hot toast, melting butter and heaped with marmalade .. mm mmm !!