Friday, February 5, 2010

Reconciliation walkway

This week 20 years ago, then president FW de Klerk made the speech in which he announced the planned unbanning of parties like the African National Congress (ANC) as well as the intended release of Nelson Mandela from prison. By chance a bit earlier in the week I discovered a paved path in South End fairly close to where I work. It was built by a local family who formed their business here in Port Elizabeth 100 years ago and represented all the major events of the century. The walkway ends overlooking the Baakens Valley with these three seats. On the middle seat is the word Reconciliation which represents 1994 as the year in which the first free and fair elections took place.
GPS: 33°58'18.19"S , 25°36'52.36"E


  1. Suggestion: if you can, add the GPS coordinates of all these photos.

    I'm originally from PE, but now in Cape Town. However, when I visit family, I'd like to drive around to some of these spots. GPS coordinates would be great.

    You can get them either with your GPS, or using Google Maps/Earth. Let me know if you need help extracting the coordinates.

    Thanks for the great photos.


  2. Well Done

    One place that I never knew about in PE.

  3. Jonker, this tribute sure offers a great view. Good for people to remember their history. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. This family had great forethought and made a lasting contribution marking that change.

  5. Firefly...this is such a powerful and deep posting. Thank's beautiful!

  6. Which family was it? And how do you get to the walkway?? Great shot!