Friday, July 8, 2011

Jack's Picnic Site

Addo Elephant National Park has two picnic sites for day visitors.  The first one is at the main rest camp while a new one has been opened within the game viewing area close to the Spekboom enclosure.  The picnic spot is situated inside a 500 hectare Botanical Reserve which is a protected area put aside to monitor the impact of mega-herbivores, particularly elephants, on the subtropical ticket vegetation.  Plant species and vegetation structures within this reserve are compared with similar areas outside of it in the main game area to monitor long term effects of the animals on the vegetation.  Jack's Picnic Site was named after Jack the Black Rhino who was one of the first black rhino to be brought to Addo and that was kept in this enclosure on the site where the picnic spot now is.  Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the actual sign to have the whole story on hand to give it to you.  Next time, I promise.

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