Monday, July 25, 2011

Maitland Nature Reserve Trails

I am always amazed how many hiking trails there are around Cape Town and one tends to think that we don't have too many around Port Elizabeth.  But people are wrong.  We may not have as many as Cape Town, but there are a great number of short and medium hiking trails in and around the city where you can escape from the hustle and bustle within 15 or 20 minutes drive from the suburbs.  One of these is the Maitland Nature Reserve which offers a 3km, 4km and a longer 9km trail.  All of them start along this section which is part of the old wagon trail from back in the days.


  1. Looks most inviting. I love trails. I have enjoyed catching up on things through your blog - esp the animal photos.

  2. Seems like you just have to hunt for these precious green gems in urban areas, but they are there.

  3. We were on this trail about three months ago, lots of bird life, but they were hiding from camera! Will definitly go on this one again soon.