Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blue Wildebeest

We really are fortunate to have so many game reserves surrounding Port Elizabeth and places like Kragga Kamma Game Park gives both residents and visitors the opportunity to view wild game up close without having to visit a zoo.  One of the more common animals one get to see are the Blue Wildebeest or "gnu".  Sometimes also called the Common Wildebeest, the Blue Wildebeest is a large antelope and one of two species of wildebeest.  It got its name from the conspicuous silvery blue sheen to its short haired hide, differentiating this species from the plainer black genus member Black Wildebeest with its white tail.  The name "gnu" originates from the Khoikhoi name for these animals.

Did you know?  Blue wildebeest young can stand within six minutes of being born.


  1. Known as Gnu in Swedish. Looks like they are eyeing you here.

  2. Have you heard the Flanders and Swann song "I'm a gnu?" Its googleable.

  3. Caroline beat me to it, I well recall the song and it was until now the only thing I know about gnu!