Monday, December 24, 2012

Father Christmas arriving

It's Christmas eve and tonight Father Christmas will be visiting many children all over the world.  Crawling down chimneys, sneaking in windows or just leaving a gift by the front door.  Well, not quite all the children.  There are many less privileged kids out there that may not be getting a gift this Christmas.  On Wednesday Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism and Holmeleigh Farm along with a number of very generous sponsors (and I want to mention musician Wayne Kallis specifically) hosted about 80 kids from various homes around Port Elizabeth for a Christmas party at Holmeleigh Farmyard which included a tour of the farm, something to eat, cold drinks, snacks and of cause, gifts. Lots and lots of gifts handed out by the grey bearded man himself.  So not to put a damper on things, but please spare a thought for those less privileged than you when you open gifts tonight or tomorrow morning and next year approach NMBT and see if you could get involved in what will hopefully become a great annual event. 

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