Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fishing on the Sundays

Fishing is a very popular pass time for a lot of people.  A way to relax and be one one nature. Me? I'm no fisherman.  I just don't have the patience. Sitting there waiting for something that may or may not happen.  Perhaps for ten minutes or so, but anything longer, "Bha humbug".  Cruising along the Sundays River on the Sundays River Ferry recently we passed a couple fishing from a little motor boat.  As we pulled up next to them the lady hooked something and started reeling it in.  Les, the captain, stopped the engines and we all stood there with bated breath to see if what she'll pull out.

Although the fish wasn't just going to give up that easily the fight was shortlived.  After couple of minutes she had him on board and this was followed by a round of thunderous applause from the audience on the ferry.  The catch.  A fair sized grunter. Well done ma'am.

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  1. I'm with you on this issue. But I do enjoy to talk to the fishers and take their photo every now and then.