Friday, January 18, 2013

Bus Station Mural

When we were small we often took the bus to town with my mom and I remember the bus station to be a bit of a dark and dreary place.  With the development of Route 67 all of this has changed.  The area on Strand Street between the bus station and the next building has been opened up for more light to come in.  The bus station also received one of the Route 67 art pieces which has also assisted in brightening it up.  And bright it is.  The new Bus Station Mural  covers the whole back wall of the station and is a brightly coloured painting celebrating public transport and all the daily journeys undertaken by people living and working in Port Elizabeth. 


  1. That mural should certainly brighten things up a bit.

  2. Amazing! So good to see something positive happening in the centre of P.E. It was such a lovely shopping area years ago, now just a dump.

  3. Love the cartoonish style of this mural. No doubt it can brighten the place and the mood of travelers. Please consider linking to the Monday Mural meme. It goes up Sunday nights 8 PM Pacific Standard Time and stays open for three days. You're most welcome to join us in sharing murals we find.