Thursday, February 7, 2013

Baakens River tributary

The Baakens River cuts through the middle of Port Elizabeth from its origin to the west of the city and on its way to Algoa Bay where it mouths out into the Port Elizabeth harbour.  Most of the Baakens River Valley can be explored via the Guinea Fowl Trail, the trails through Settlers Park and a couple of mountain bike trails.  The Baakens River has a number of tributaries, one of which originates around Overbaakens and flows part Upper Walmer before joing the main stream at Dodd's Farm.  I discovered this little spot at the end of 14th Avenue in Walmer on a Feocaching expedition.  Its nothing more than a trickeling little stream, although from th

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  1. Your water in the Cape is always reddish. I remember placing very weary feet in similar streams when doing the Outeniqua trail about 15 years ago! But the water is sweet and delicious. A happy weekend to you. Jo