Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Donkin flagpole

At 60 meters high the flag pole on the Donkin Reserve in Port Elizabeth is the tallest flag pole in South Africa while the flag flying from it is the biggest South African flag in the world.  The flag is about the size of a tennis court and usually when I say it people look at me funny, look up at it and then shake their heads.  Remember that the flag is flying 60 meters up so it doesn't look that big from the ground.  A video was uploaded on YouTube recently showing the flag being lowered in a very strong wind and as the flag reached ground level you can actually get a better idea of how big it really is.  Plus its quite amusing watching the soldiers on duty try and get it into its container. 


  1. It doesn't look that high from this perspective. Probably because the people in front are a few metres away from it. But sixty meters that is impressive.

  2. Hi Firefly

    I moved up to JHB at the beginning of 2001 but still consider PE my home. I stumbled upon your website during the course of last year and ever since have religously visited it every day to see whats happening! I have looked at every single photo on this website. Congratulations for doing what you doing and thank you for allowing people like me to reminisce on the memories and see the changes to this incredible town of PE.

    Regards, Matt Bles

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