Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Death on the beach

Maybe its just me, but its always sad when I find a dead marine bird, shark or something on the beach.  I went for a walk along the Sacramento Trail at Schoenmakerskop and spotted this departed Cape Gannet from some distance away already.  The rest of my group walked by without even a glance while I felt I just had to stop to reflect on its former beauty (and of cause snap a picture). 
Bird Island (part of the Greater Addo Elephant National Park) in Algoa Bay is home to the biggest breeding colony of gannets in the world with about 160 000 pairs found there.  They are often seen off the south coast when the sardines start to gather for the annual Sardine Run up the east coast.  


  1. Nature is harsh. I find this sight sad too, Jonker. We visited the gannet colony at Lamberts Bay in 2007. Great experience.

  2. A natural part of the story of life, even if harsh to see.