Monday, August 11, 2014

Oudebosch Farmstall

After visiting the Tsitsikamma twice over the last two weeks I decided to do a short series on things to do and attractions in the area.  Obviously those mentioned will be those I got to go to and unfortunately the Tsitsikamma National Park wasn't amongst them.  Doesn't matter though as there are load of other things to do and see in the area.
Travelling along the N2 to and from Port Elizabeth most people tend to stop at the Storms River Bridge Petroport.  Personally I, and a whole lot of others, prefer to pull off at the Eersterivier offramp about 15 minutes on the PE side of the bridge.  Here you will find the very delightful Oudebosch Farmstall and baby of the Tsitsikamma tourism ninja, Dewald Niemann.   Oudebosch is made up of a coffee shop / restaurant, curio shop and supermarket and is becoming a very popular spot for both locals and international tourists travelling through the Tsitsikamma.  The coffee shop is perfect for a cappuccino and meal with their specialty roosterkoek with different toppings on being an absolute winner


  1. Another great alternative to the Petroport is the Finebush Farm Stall at the Blue Lillies Bush turn off.
    Home made bread, great cheeses and, if you have the time, scrumptious lunches.

  2. Have been there many times. Kids love it! Normally buy supplies there before heading to Eersterevier and heading back to PE.