Friday, August 29, 2014

Pasella walking the Sacramento Trail with Abel Kraamsaal

As you know I like to post a video on a Friday and this week I found a Pasella clip on YouTube I Haven't posted on the blog yet.  Can't believe I forgot about this one as I was involved behind the scenes in helping to organize it.  The insert featured Port Elizabeth based Afrikaans singer Abel Kraamsaal.  Pasella took Abel for a walk on the Sacramento Trail and the two guides that took them tell the viewers more about the shipwreck, Khoisan middens and different kinds of plants found along the way.  Along the way Abel composes a song about the Sacramento which he sings at the end.  Well worth a watch.


  1. What an amazing clip of an amazing trail and its history. And Abel is a talented young man who has the most original stage name ever! Have a good weekend, Jonker. Greetings from Tanzania (Jo)

  2. Love the name Abel Kraamsaal.. lol. Enjoyed hearing Afrikaans gesproke by hierdie mense. En het die natuurskoon baie geniet. Dankie