Friday, October 24, 2014

Singing the South African National Anthem at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

The Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium is getting the reputation of being one of the best stadiums in the country when it comes to singing the South African National Anthem before a rugby test match.  In 2011 before the All Blacks test we (and I say we as in Port Elizabethans) knocked over the proverbial cricket middle stump with a rendition of the anthem that is still talked about and followed it up with another cracker during the England test in 2012.  This week's Friday video goes back to that England test on 23 June 2012 with Coleske leading the way and the Springboks and their supporters carrying it through.  I specially like the fact that the broadcasters used some footage of the Great Flag on the Donkin Reserve as part of the anthem's broadcast.

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  1. Ah, I've just listened to the National Anthem on TV with the final Curry Cup kicking off a few minutes ago. Wow.