Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Instagrammers at play

I'm quite active on social media but only started dabbling in Instagram recently after getting rid of my Blackberry.  On Sunday morning I joined my first official Instawalk.  An Instawalk (or Instameet) is a gathering of Instagrammers who meet somewhere and spend an hour or two taking photos together.  South African Tourism brought two of South Africa's biggest Instagrammers, @garethpon and @alessiolr, down to PE for the Donkin Downhill Dash and they had an Instawalk from the Kings Beach skate park before heading back to Jozi later in the day.  Everybody got nice and creative with reflections in the little pond along the walkway.  If you want to follow me on Instagram, I amon there as @FireflyAfrica.  <--- obviously="" p="">

1 comment:

  1. I got my first ever smartphone earlier this year and I have now upgraded to a newer model of the Samsung, but as I am e real photographer I am yet to even try the built-in camera. But I like the social part of this type of Instagramming.