Saturday, November 29, 2014

Looking for Feathered Friend Lucy

Today is the second Geocaching Saturday post and for the second time it features a cache placed by GeorgeC12.  George have been posting some great caches lately and really deserves every favourite point he gets awarded.  In this cache I went in search of Feathered Friend Lucy.  Lucy is a parrot and she clearly didn't have her wings clipped as I found her way up in an massive Wild Fig Tree.  Drama Princess spotted it immediately and it was up to me to retrieve the log sheet for us to sign.  Luckily my hippo up a tree impersonation days are about 19kg behind me so I quickly made my way up and I quickly had the log in hand.  Brought it back down for us both to complete the paperwork and I went back up to replace it in its place.  Another great cache and another smiley on my map.

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