Sunday, March 22, 2015

Activities at Sleepy Hollow

We are busy organising Chaos Boy's 13th birthday party and decided to have a day out with his friends at Sleepy Hollow in the Maitland River Valley.  I went to dig out a couple of photos I took at Sleepy Hollow in December when we last popped in there for a visit.  I went for a walk up the river with Drama Princess and she is always willing to play the model if I need one for a photo.  This is one of the main intersections on the trail into the valley from the campsite.

Sleepy Hollow offers both campsites and picnic sites for day visitors.  Activities include shorts hikes around the farm and up the Maitland River which runs through it, a walk up to Sleepy Hollow waterfall, exploring the old mines and swimming in the river pools.  There is also a very popular slippery slide where you just can't get the kids away from once they start going.  The place is absolutely stunning and you can really get close to nature while still being close to the city.  On our last visit I spotted Knysna Loerie, a Eagle owl, heard a fish eagle, spotted a young water monitor and found otter droppings.  We even had to duck for a bat that came flying out one of the mines when we were standing by the opening.  Oh yes and Geocachers can look for the three caches I put on the property.  I have a couple of other pics from my visit to share so I think I'll do a Sleepy Hollow series this week.

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