Friday, March 6, 2015

A video postcard from Port Elizabeth

While looking for a video to post for today I found this video postcard by Hostelworld.  Its just over three minutes long and covers beaches, history, game reserves and a couple of general attractions around the city.  It's not an expensive and flashy production but really shows off what the city has to offer.  Something a lot more people aught to do.  Destination marketing should be something every tourism product and establishment in the city should be doing as tourists choose a destination and what they want to do first before choosing where to stay and where to eat.  Enjoy the video and have an awesome weekend everybody.

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  1. Oh never give up blogger Jonker! I love your posts. Always! We're still trying to get back onto the N2 on our bike tours to the Cape. One day... you've whetted my appetite now. Have a wonderful weekend. Jo