Monday, June 8, 2015

Dolphins on the beachfront

I don't think people living in Port Elizabeth always realize how special Algoa Bay is.  African penguins, visiting whale (and sometimes even Orcas), dolphins, sardine run starting off our shores, different shark species, scuba diving, great fishing and so much more.  Algoa Bay is home to a couple of species of dolphins and you see pods of Bottlenose Dolphins swimming along our beachfront on just about a daily basis.

Driving along Marine Drive from the Boardwalk towards town I spotted a big pod of dolphins swimming along Kings Beach towards me at speed.  I changed lanes quickly and u-turned below Brookes-on-the-Bay, parking across the road.  By the time I was at the walkway railing most of them were past me already but I did catch a few of the back markers.  There is no way that these photos are anywhere near giving credit to the sighting.  It just made me appreciate a little bit more living in this beautiful place we call home.

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