Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Kings Beach and Fence surf spot

I wonder how many PE people have ever walked all the way down Kings Beach right up to the harbour wall.  I did it a little while ago on a beautiful day and took this picture looking back along the beach from on top of the wall.

Right next to the harbour wall is a surf spot called Fence.  Why is it called Fence?  The answer I got from local surf blog Millers Local.

Back before all the sand built up against the wall this left hand surf spot used to produce really great surf.  Although it doesn't go as big as it used to it apparently still has a very dedicated following.  But lets get to the name.  There used to be a big fence that ran along the harbour wall to stop people from climbing onto the wall from the beach to go fishing.  Nobody can really say when the fence was put up or disappeared again but according to local surfer Gary Cooper it was there when he started surfing fence in ’64.  Apparently the barbed wire fence was located about 150 - 200m from the harbour wall and ran right out into the water at Spring High tide.  There were signs on it saying Property of the SA Harbour and Railways - Keep Out!  Not that the surfers worried much about it.  When the harbour wall was extended the sand started building up with the result that the fence eventually got covered up by sand completely.

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