Monday, June 29, 2015

The Wildsfees stage was a winner

This past weekend the ABSA Kirkwood Wildsfees took place in the Sundays River Valley (note how I didn't say Kirkwood as I thought the name is quite obvious).  The Wildsfees has really become a serious contender as a "not to be missed Afrikaans music festival" with all the fringe actives and obligatory stalls and entertainment added on.  The highlight of the weekend is the music on the main stage with some of the best and most highly rated Afrikaans artists in South Africa on offer.  This post is basically to highlight the actual stage.  It, along with the big screens and sound attachments are HUGE stretching close to 50 meters from side to side.  Throughout both Friday and Saturday (we didn't stay for the Sunday as both us and my wallet was seriously festivaled out by Sunday morning) the artists kept commenting how impressed they were with the stage and especially the sound.  Kurt Darren even commented how this is the first time in ages that he went on stage for a show without doing a sound check and the sound was perfect.  Makes supporting a festival like this even more worth it. 

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