Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Conservatory again......

This is such a photogenic building that I couldn't resist sharing a few more of the MANY shots we took the other day. (By the way Diane thanked us for "risking life and limb" to go and photograph it..... and she wasn't entirely exaggerating, it has become a bit scary! To see the story behind the pictures, see Max's post "rats in the park")

I thought it was quite clever the way the marigolds were planted close together, with big flowers at the back and small ones at the front, so that the whole bed has a similar rounded shape to that of the flowers themselves.


  1. You can certainly tell that people in this climate are getting tired of winter since there have been several posts focusing on conservatories the last few days. These photos are intriguing and Sam's narrative of your scary afternoon was frightening. Check out my Conservatory photos here.

  2. PS. Try as I might, I just can't get the link right in the commentary section altho I've tried to follow religiously the instructions. Oh, well!!

  3. Hello, Love these shots. The "Photo Hunters" theme this week is "GLASS".
    You should post these amazing photos there. is the website.

    Check mine out at

  4. thanks for the link Kate, it is certainly a stunning and well kept Building!
    Hi Claudia, nice to meet you.