Thursday, April 10, 2008

Got any Questions about Port Elizabeth?

There is a great interactive website called MyPE, on which you can find pretty much anything you need to find, pertaining to Port Elizabeth. They have a lively forum, and a great new feature has been added, called ASK A LOCAL. It falls into 3 categories, business, tourism and general.

If you have anything you want to know about Port Elizabeth, you can find the forum index Here.

The plan was to leave the threads open for unregistered users, so that you could ask a once off question without going through the hassle of registering. But sadly it was no time at all before the morons in the blue pill brigade, and those who are obsessed with making sure every male on the planet is over-endowed, jumped online with their usual seedy offers. So unfortunately the forum is for registered users only.

However, if you read this here, and want to ask anything but do not feel like registering for a once off query, you can post it in the comments and we will post it on your behalf, so that the large and friendly community at MyPE can chip in with their contributions. Then you can follow the thread and get your answers.


  1. Thanks for the plug Sam AND, more importantly with the offer to help out with the passing on of any questions.

    Hou Port Elizabeth BO!

    Sala Gahle.

  2. What a great idea!! Ja nee, hou Port Elizabeth bo!!

  3. Any chance of another picture of Parliament Street.

    It is nearly 2 months since the last post.

    I would love to see the progress

  4. Did you ever went to the amazing lady slipper farmmarket?
    fresh veg, meat, boere beskuit and koeksisters! it takes place EVERY saterday and we go and buy our milk their while drinking a moer-coffee!
    you just have to try it, really great to have a market like this in PE!